Industry Experts

New York Flameproofing has been in the business of keeping the Metro NYC area safe from the threat of fires for over 60 years. A family owned and operated business, New York Flameproofing has used its expertise in flameproofing techniques to serve local communities and neighborhoods. Any business in the NYC area where the public gathers (such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, nightclubs, bars, etc.) is required to have certain items on location treated with flame repellents. Such items would be curtains, fabrics, wood, drapes, upholstery and other decorations. With the latest flameproofing techniques, we provide fabric flameproofing services, backed up by our satisfaction guarantee.

Violation Resolvers

If your business has been issued a violation due to flameproofing issues, we can help! By having New York Flameproofing come to your place of business and treat required items with fire retardants, we can resolve your violation and have you in good standing with the FDNY in about 24 hours. That means you can be open for business again literally overnight!

Affidavit Provider

The FDNY, the Building Department, the Health Department, and insurance carriers require businesses to be in possession of a flameproofing affidavit before they are able to be open to the public. New York Flameproofing, as a C-15 Certificate of Fitness holder, can provide the required treatments, conduct the field flame tests, and issue a flameproofing affidavit so your business can be functional.


Information Recource

Fire safety is our business, and we are happy to address any concerns or questions you have regarding the safety of the chemicals we use, the practices involved, and any other information you seek. As we have been leaders in the business for over 60 years, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with business owners in order to have safer, better-protected communities. Please give us a call at your convenience to discuss any questions you have or to get a free, no-obligation estimate!